7 tips to prepare your bedroom for sleep

The bedroom should be your number one place for sleep. Whether your room is the size of a closet, the master bedroom, or somewhere in between, comfortable and relaxing sleeping quarters are the keys to a good night's rest. Overcome the challenges of sleeplessness and fall asleep faster by creating a bedroom environment that leads to a satisfying sleep experience.

Here are seven tips to help you prepare your bedroom for a more consistent, pleasurable night’s sleep:

  • Remove distractions.

    According to the National Sleep Foundation, the bed and bedroom should be used for sleep and sex only. That means keeping your TV, laptop, smartphone and other distractions out of the bedroom.

  • Invest in a good mattress.

    When was the last time you bought a new mattress? According to an article in Softpedia, a lumpy or old mattress could be just the thing that is not allowing you to fall asleep. Softpedia also notes that most people think mattresses will last a lifetime when in actuality they usually last about 8-10 years.

  • Check your pillow too.

    The right pillow is just as important as the right mattress, and there are many pillow options to choose from. This article from Women’s Health Magazine explains the best choices for getting a good night's sleep, based on your sleep position.

  • Keep it dark.

    At least during the night hours. A bright, cheery room during the day is great aesthetically, but when the lights go out, it should be close to pitch black. Our bodies and mind need time to adjust to the difference. If you tend to keep a TV, lamp, computer screen or night light on, that needed adjustment may be more difficult and in turn keep you up longer.

  • Ignore the clock.

    Turn your clock away from you so you can't see the time. Best Health Magazine explains that if you tend to wake up throughout the night, seeing a constant reminder of what time it is and how long until you have to get up is not going to help.

  • Update your bedroom décor.

    Decorations such as a tapestry, pillows, candles, pictures and plants give off a pleasant vibe. Color is important too. As most women might attest, warmer colors tend to provide a more pleasant atmosphere. Plants especially provide clean air and a healthier environment in general.

  • Organize and clean.

    If your room is a mess, your mindset will most likely be too when you prepare for sleep. If you live in a smaller room, the space will seem more cramped and claustrophobic, making it harder to fall asleep. Although many people might be able to sleep in a messy room if they are tired enough, your clutter may be what is contributing to your lack of sleep.

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