ASMRtist Spotlight — ASMR with Allie

Like many people, Allie discovered ASMR while looking for a way to destress and get more sleep.

The Aussie's enthusiasm for ASMR inspired her to launch her own YouTube channel in 2016. It quickly won over fans thanks to her approachable style.

"My ASMR style is very aimed at befriending the viewer and making them feel safe and comforted," says Allie. "I want you to see me as a close friend!"

Allie says she realized the impact her videos had on people when she received a memorable email from one viewer. The fan told her that her videos helped him find relief from insomnia, depression, and anxiety. "Just knowing that I could do that for another person made me feel extremely successful," says Aliesha.

Allie's favorite ASMR trigger is tapping on hard books. ("Amazing!") She admires anyone creating ASMR content that helps people improve their sleep and mental health.

Her track for SleepPhones—: ASMR Edition focuses on progressive muscle relaxation. This technique helps promote sleep by releasing tension in every part of the body.

In addition to growing her YouTube channel, Allie dreams of one day holding in-person ASMR sessions. "I'd like to have something like a beauty spa that has ASMR incorporated into the treatments," she says.

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