Introducing PERFORMANCE Headphones by SleepPhones®: All-Day-Comfortable Headphones in a Headband with a Unique Tech Twist!

PERFORMANCE headphones by SleepPhones® pack built-in sensors & thin wireless speakers inside a soft, comfortable headband designed to track your motion and customize your music like never before!

By combining the comfort and wearability of traditional SleepPhones® headband headphones... with built-in feedback sensors and accompanying software, PERFORMANCE can help you learn how the music you listen to affects your concentration and focus, day and night.

We Listen To Over Four Hours Of Audio Content A Day.

PERFORMANCE tracks your subtle head movements while engaged in a task, job or activity-- measuring how focused (or distracted, or animated) you may be while incorporating audio into your daily routine.

When used consistently and paired with our intelligent app in development, PERFORMANCE headband headphones can help improve the quality of the audio you listen to for better focus, mood and productivity throughout the day.

Better PERFORMANCE, in other words

PERFORMANCE Headphones by SleepPhones. Better Living Through Better Listening.


PERFORMANCE headphones & software will be available sometime after Labor Day in 2017 -- but LOTS will happen before then about pricing, progress and product news! Sign up below for periodic updates!

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