How to Quit Smoking While You Sleep

Some resources to help quit substance use (smoking) with SleepPhones — SleepPhones are for quitters!

How to Quit Smoking While You Sleep

It's so hard to stop smoking during the day when everything's a trigger. Sheer willpower sometimes just isn't enough. Over-the-counter nicotine replacements are great, but they only help with one aspect of the addiction - the chemical nicotine. Medications like Chantix or Zyban from your doctor can help with reducing the desire and enhancing willpower, but doctor's visits and prescription expenses add up quickly. Plus, there are side effects with the mood-altering drugs. Wouldn't it be great if you could increase your resolve to quit while you are sleeping?

Quitting a habit like smoking really is a journey and not a sprint. The CDC says that it can take 8-11 times of trying to quit to actually quit for a year. Smoking engages so many of your senses — the feeling of something in your hand, the smell, the taste, the quiet of being away from your other activities, and the visuals when you exhale. It's hard to make it long term without being really serious about it. And being serious means using every single reasonable means to quit so that it sticks.

Several SleepPhones customers have written in to let us know about the types of music and sleep sounds that work for them. Some let us know about how they were able to quit smoking by listening to the right soundtrack at night. We thought that was amazing! So we want to share what has worked for others.

Steven Gurgevich's Anti-smoking hypnosis soundtracks are fantastic. Here are a few possible links:

He guides you through a series of guided meditative exercises that help to hypnotize you. It's definitely not the quack-like-a-duck-type of hypnosis. He uses clinical hypnosis, which is more subtle and just as powerful for those susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. Even if you don't think you could be hypnotized, it's definitely worth trying. One of people we heard from actually works at our UK distributor. He was having a baby, so he really wanted to quit before the baby came. We gave him some suggestions, and Dr. Gurgevich's music worked! Of course, he had a hard deadline and a wife helping him in the process, but any success is great.

Kelly Howell's Stop Smoking soundtrack is more of a soundscape that you should listen to every night. It uses binaural beats to enhance your ability to relax and get by without cigarettes. Luckily, this soundtrack is now online!

Kelly Howell Stop Smoking

Both Dr. Gurgevich and Kelly Howell's music work better when you listen every night, consistently. It takes practice to get into the right state of mind, and you never know what might happen the next day to trip you up. When you have the right forces working for you at night, you'll be that much stronger during the day. It'll be less effort, and every little bit helps!

"I just wanted to say thank you so much or sending the quit smoking CD's from Dr Gurgevich, it's really really kind of you. Amazingly, I actually quit smoking a week ago. It has been very tough and continues to be very tough, so I'm certainly going to be using disc 2 of 2 which helps keep cravings at bay!!" - Richard, UK

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