SheepCloud Fabric

About Our Exclusive SheepCloud™ Fabric

Along with the quality of your speakers, the quality of your headband is paramount. That's why we spent years developing and perfecting our proprietary SheepCloud™ fabric. It's engineered for maximum comfort, wearability, and durability.

Our SheepCloud™ fabric comes in two options to best fit your lifestyle.

  • FLEECE Super soft, luxurious, and warm. Ideal for sleeping, relaxing, meditating, and everyday use. 95% polyester/5% Spandex. SleepPhones® are available in these Fleece colors:
  • BREEZE Breathable and moisture-wicking. Ideal for running and exercising. Preferred by hot sleepers and those who live in warm climates. 95% polyester/5% Spandex. SleepPhones® and RunPhones® are available in these Breeze colors: RunPhones® are also available in these Breeze colors:
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