Yummy lunch with Dr. Gurgevich!

Steven Gurgevich, Ph.D., is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Arizona's College of Medicine, where he teaches mind-body medicine to physicians in Dr. Andrew Weil's courses at the Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine. He has also directed the center's Mind-Body Clinic since 1997. Dr. Gurgevich is an approved consultant and fellow of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

We carry his Sleepy Time Hypnosis CD. It's my favorite CD to listen to for sleeping when I have a lot on my mind.

Jason and I just had the privilege of meeting him for lunch. We had a great time talking about healthy food, using mind-body techniques for medical problems like insomnia and irritable bowel, running a business from home, and exchanging great contacts. Both his wife (Joy Gurgevich at Joy of Food) and daughter (Dr. Elise Gurgevich at Penn State University) are big nutrition experts. Since I love to garden and eat, we talked a lot of about our love of interesting foods.

Dr. Gurgevich has been traveling for nearly a month now, teaching at various places. The last place he taught was at Kripalu, the fabulous yoga retreat in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. He visited his daughter here at Penn State on his way home, so we had a chance to meet up!

SleepPhones will be carrying more of his CDs soon, including a series of Hypnotic Tonics, which are clinical hypnosis tracks to help people with various illnesses, including addiction to tobacco.

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