WIRED Store Grand Opening Party

We took a few days to visit New York City this past weekend.

We visited the WIRED Store grand opening on Thursday night and went back on Saturday to get a closer look at everything.

The party was crazy! The ground floor had a bar made of ice, and still it was hot from all of the body heat! It's a 3-story structure with lots of little rooms and alcoves. SleepPhones were on the bottom floor, and RunPhones were on the top floor. Lots of people, finger foods, alcohol, and very cool products. Since the party was at 7pm, and we didn't get to eat before, I stood by the food entrance and had a bit of everything.

Here are some pictures of various products. There were lots of retro themes.

While in the City, we met with Dr. Jordan Stern of BlueSleep, the comprehensive sleep center in the financial district.

We met with Adil Soomro, a talented Harvard MBA to discuss business. And we visited the 5th Avenue Sleepy's where SleepPhones are offered in New York City. Apparently, SleepPhones are sold out at that location, but they have not been able to get clearance from central purchasing to sell any more yet. We'll keep working with central purchasing!

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