Today Show: 5 Gadget Must-Haves

Today Show Appearance: Mario's Must-Haves

transcript: Now these, this is called SleepPhones®. I want you to put this on. basically, strap this over your head here — I'll get this one for carson. There's speakers inside of this. These are like very soft fleece. They are also wireless and wired. They're about $39. This goes over the eyes. You have head phones inside here. Not only if you want to listen to music, a long day after The Voice. Mario, do you really like n-sync this much? This is going to keep me up all night. I played that for him, not for me. This is very nice. Right now you're listening to nature noise in a second I'll have you levitate. Al, can i get a glass of warm milk?

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(Aired June 26, 2013)

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