ThinkGeek SleepPhones Are Flying Off the Shelves!

We're big fans of ThinkGeek. My last Valentine's present and birthday present were both from there apparently. And I loved the gifts! I've been using them for the garden. I guess that makes me a geeky gardener? So after seeing various inferior headphones advertised on there, we decided that we've got to have SleepPhones in there.

I sent a pitch to ThinkGeek way back in early February about SleepPhones. Something about how caffeinated geeks might need to fall asleep to music. They thought it looked interesting and asked for a sample in late February. I sent them the sample and the buyer there replied in mid-March saying that he liked them. After discussing some details, he placed a first order. We sent it in by the end of March, and they took about a month to put it in inventory, write it up, and take pictures.

On April 27th, we received their newsletter announcing SleepPhones as a new item towards the end of the email, quite small, among many other things. But apparently word spread quickly! The Twitter buzz was tremendous. Within a week, the first order sold out.

We've sent them a second order now, so SleepPhones are back in stock. But I don't know how long that will last because they continue to be very popular. ThinkGeek has just placed a third, bigger order. Our high school student employee is being kept very busy! He's spent the past 2 days working on fulfilling the order. And it will likely take a few more days.

Anyway, we are tremendously excited about working with ThinkGeek! The next step is to see SleepPhones in their paper catalog. :-)

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