Smarthome Expresses Interest in Carrying SleepPhones

I've bought some battery-powered motion-activated LED lights from them before. The staircase down to SleepPhones Headquarters has a nice over head light, but that light is so high up that I'm seriously afraid of it ever going out. I can't imagine changing it! It would probably take a ladder two to three times the height of our current ladder. So I hesitate turning it off and on all of the time. Instead, I got these motion activated LED lights that would prevent me from falling down the stairs in the dark. And we use rechargeable batteries in them, so it's okay — we're not creating too much of an environmental hazard. And yes, we properly dispose of our old batteries.

Well, just like that smart solution for a potentially hazardous staircase, Smarthome carries many other interesting items. If we ever get a new home, we might install a fiberoptic light system, built-in wall speakers, hidden cameras, and all kinds of gadgets. Smarthome has a solution for any home-related problem.

So what about sleeping problems? Well, Smarthome wants to solve that too! They are interested in SleepPhones. They sent us an email asking us to send them a sample for evaluation. We certainly will! There's a lot of paperwork too, so it will take some time, but we're very excited about possibly working with them!

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