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Momma Told Me: Count the sheep until you fall asleep...

I don't think there's any symbol more synonymous with a peaceful doze than that of a fluffy little lamb. The practice of, quite literally, counting imaginary sheep, in order to lull oneself to sleep has been around in numerous cultures as far back as 1854 recorded history. While, in more modern times, this imagery is often conjured as a tongue in cheek pop culture reference, the general idea behind the concept is to, essentially, bore the participant to slumber. When I was a child I'd always imagine Claymation style sheep, a-la Seely Serta or Wallace and Grommet, moreso composing imaginary adventures rather than a field and fence. The result, however, was usually the same, as I wound myself into dreamland. As an adult, I find myself longing for the days where imaginary sheep could prance me off to slumber; falling asleep, and staying asleep, seems increasingly difficult through the years.

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Dec 29, 2012

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