Pre-Order your New SleepPhones Today!

If you've been anticipating new products from AcousticSheep, the wait is almost over! We want to give you the chance to pre-order your soon-to-be favorite new products! Here’s what is on the lineup.

The first product to launch is the same SleepPhones® you already love, but with a cool new twist in fabric! For those of you who love our original SleepPhones®, but find the fleece a little too warm in the summer months, our new SleepPhones® Breeze will be a must have for you! SleepPhones® will still have all of your favorite features, but be available in a soft, lightweight, stretchy, wicking fabric called SheepCloud™ Fabric. Preorder is available in pink and navy.

The new SleepPhones® Breeze will be available as SleepPhones® Classic Breeze, SleepPhones® Microphone Breeze and SleepPhones® Wireless Breeze. These will all be available for pre-sale, and will still encompass the same benefits of getting to sleep faster and staying asleep better ® without medication. Like the fleece versions, they will also contain our patented "headphone in a headband" design for all night comfort and fit.

A brand new product also available for pre-sale in the new SheepCloud fabric and colors is our SleepPhones® Simple. SleepPhones® Simple came about from the feedback you, our customers, gave us. We know some of you out there aren't the Mp3 and iPod types, or you don't own an iPad or Bluetooth® enabled device, so we came up with a solution just for you!

The SleepPhones® Simple still consists of the same great benefits of falling asleep faster and staying asleep better ® with no medication, and still has our patented "headphone in a headband" design for all night comfort and fit, but this time we took the time to add the music for you!

That's right, we've added sleep sounds pre-programmed for maximal effect right out of the box. No need for an external device, no need to download music from the internet or CD. The soft-shelled Wav music player is built right in. Simply, press a button, listen and sleep! Simple, right? In addition, SleepPhones® Simple is rechargeable via a micro-USB cord (included with the product), and has a battery life of up to 20 hours — so you can sleep 2-3 nights before charging.

To learn more about these great new products or to pre-order them today, visit us at Pre-order quantities are limited.

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