Polysomnography in a Sleep Study

Our friend Nicole in St. Petersburg, Florida is studying to be a polysomnographer, someone who supervises patients getting a sleep study. Since the obesity rate is rising, the rate of sleep apnea is also rising. Plus, the increasing stress in society today is causing more and more sleep problems. So more people need to have sleep studies done. She would probably be working overnight, watching the patients sleep and making sure everything goes alright. For example, if a lead became loose, she would have to replace it. Or if the the oxygen tracings were extremely and dangerously low for a sleep apnea patient, then she may have to end the study early. We caught up with each other at the Sleep Health and Safety Conference in early March and had a great time.

Anyway, as part of the training program, she has to try out the equipment herself! Here she is wearing all of the gear and her SleepPhones on top. Hmmm... probably not the best marketing photo.

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