PayPal Working!

After fiddling around with the checkout process for a month, we managed to get PayPal order processing working!

Up until recently, we could only take PayPal when someone "sent" money to us and told us what they wanted in the comments. Overall, it worked surprisingly well. Nearly everyone remembered to add in the shipping, pay in USD and not their overseas dollar system, and write down exactly what they wanted.

However, right now we have an order sitting in PayPal from 3 days ago that we can't process because the person didn't tell us what color and size they wanted. I've tried emailing a few times, but the person has not responded. It's possible that my emails are in their spam folder. I can't call because I don't have a phone number. I guess I'll wait a few more days and see if they email complaining about not receiving their order.

We use a back up version of for testing purposes. We make changes to that and test repeatedly. I've ordered about two dozen lavender sachets for myself using PayPal and Google Checkout, with and without affiliate credit, from PA, outside of PA, and internationally. More than half of those orders didn't quite work perfectly. I guess it's just one of those things.

Once we tested the heck out of it, we rolled it out into production. That occurred at about 1pm today. We tested a few more times, and called it good! We had a celebratory late lunch/early dinner at our favorite Mediterranean restaurant during which time 2 orders were placed with Google Checkout and 1 placed with PayPal, all of which worked!

Now we just have to figure out how to charge for Pennsylvania Sales Tax for the PayPal orders... Only Pennsylvanians have to pay sales tax since we're located here. If you're from another state, you should be paying use taxes on your annual state income tax return. Many people don't know that, so they don't do that.

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