Parade features SleepPhones as Sleep Aid that May Be Better than Counting Sheep in July 2015 Issue

SleepPhones were featured in an article within the July 19th, 2015 issue of Parade Magazine. Within the article, Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington post, shares her "6 tips for getting more Zzzzzs."

Arianna Huffington's tips for getting more sleep.

Soothe Yourself with Sounds

Many people swear that white noise or relaxing music helps them fall asleep. "While there's no hard data, we do know that white noise helps to buffer intrusive noise from the outside," says Janet Kennedy, Ph.D., a psychologist/sleep trainer with NYC Sleep Doctor. As for how to block out the noise, the experts are of mixed minds. Sleep doctor/clinical psychologist Michael Breus, Ph.D., thinks that SleepPhones, wireless headphones wrapped in a soft, stretchy headband ($40), might do the trick. "I love these. While they look a little '80s, they're fun and effective," he says. Kennedy doesn't recommend wearing headphones that are hooked to your phone. She prefers a white noise machine...

And, if none of these remedies work, it may just be that counting sheep is worth a try. "Doing something to focus your mind away from stressful thoughts or pressure to sleep is helpful," Kennedy says. "It stops the anxious thought process and allows the body's fatigue to take over."

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