Packaging Lessons Part 5

We have some sample boxes from the box manufacturer right now. We're still tweaking the exact final sizes and designs. The bigger boxes are 44-ECT instead of the standard 32-ECT. The 44-ECT cardboard is thicker, but not quite to the doublewall size.

For a pallet, we would need to wrap the boxes with plastic wrap or strap them with thick bands. I looked around and the commercial plastic wraps all come in boxes of 4, even on eBay. I'm not sure we will be needing to pack our own pallets for more than a few months. We only have one order right now that requires pallets. I really don't want to buy a wrap dispenser ($50) and 4 giant rolls of wraps ($70). I even considered using kitchen Saran wrap. But then I stumbled across U-Haul's moving supplies. It turns out that they have single tubes of plastic wrap pre-packaged on a dispenser. And if you ordered $25 worth of stuff, they deliver it for free! So I ordered an 18" tube and a 5" tube. I'm excited that I found a great low-cost, no commitment solution for wrapping boxes on a pallet!

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