Packaging Lessons Part 1

Who would have thought that packaging is so involved?

As complete newbies into the world of business, we're constantly learning new things. This series of posts discuss SleepPhones packaging design.

For retail sales, we have these pretty polypropylene packs that keep SleepPhones nice and fresh. Retailers probably care more about packaging than they do the actual product. That is the first thing I've learned. If the package is really cool, the product will move off the shelves, which means money for the retailer. If the package doesn't sell the product, then it may just sit there forever, collecting dust. Customer don't buy dusty products. And retailers will just return the unsold stuff to manufacturers.

We're in a few small retail stores, and up until recently, I've been doing the graphic design. It's not hideous, but it's not pretty and certainly not professional. So we had a local graphic designer friend fix up the insert that goes on the front to sell the product. We knew about her in our network of local Twitter friends. She was a friend to many of my friends, but I had never met her. But given that her Twitter name had CMYK in it, I figured she probably cared a lot about good print design. I gave her some material to work with, and she turned out a beautiful design! I think we made the right choice.

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