New Mothers and Sleep

As a new mom, I have an interrupted sleeping schedule. The baby wakes me up for frequent feedings at night, and sometimes I have a hard time getting back to sleep. There are so many things to worry about! Was he fussy because of something I ate? Should I have changed his diaper? Maybe I should get out of bed to order that attachment for the baby carrier from Amazon... But I might have to get up again in two hours, so I should just get back to sleep.

When I find myself lying awake in bed thinking about random things, I remind myself that I need to just go to sleep. Listening to the music on the Dreams CD really helps me relax quickly so I can get the sleep I need. Because SleepPhones aren't like earbuds that stick into the ears, I can still hear the baby when he wakes up. It seems that with every phase of my life, I always rely on SleepPhones to help. I guess since sleep is something I need daily, for about 8 hours, it always comes up.

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