Naturally beautiful skin requires a good night sleep

The secret to healthy, beautiful, younger-looking skin doesn't have to come from your local drug store or plastic surgeon. It's available right in your bedroom: getting a good night of sleep can lessen the appearance of wrinkles in your face and neck, eliminate dark circles and help prevent breakouts.

Skin Repair

Your body uses sleep as a time to recover from the wear and tear of your day. As you enter a deep sleep, your body begins to produce more human growth hormone. This hormone helps to heal and build body tissues and cells, including your skin. Your outer-most layer of skin, responsible for keeping your skin hydrated and blocking outside microorganisms from coming in, also takes this time to mend. If you don't get enough sleep that outer skin barrier can't repair itself, and can't continue to do its job. This can cause your skin to become dehydrated, and without proper hydration fine lines and dark circles become more noticeable. Getting plenty of sleep allows your skin to rehydrate, which helps to keep your skin plump and fine lines filled.


When you don't get enough sleep your immune system becomes rundown. In addition to making you more susceptible to illness, it also affects your body's collagen production. Without collagen acting as a support for the skin it can begin to droop and wrinkle, possibly making you look older.

Sleep and Acne Prevention

As you sleep your body also relaxes, which helps to negate the negative effects of cortisol — a hormone that is linked to stress and the appearance of acne. Conversely, a lack of sleep has been shown to cause this hormone to spike which can cause breakouts. The next time you notice a few new wrinkles or dark circles, resist the urge to buy the newest expensive skin cream. First, stop and reevaluate your sleep schedule and make sure you are getting your beauty sleep.

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