More website backend work

New Dedicated Server Upgrade

So we've upgraded to a dedicated server now. We hope that this will improve user experience with fewer outages and faster load times. Plus, we added a few social media links up at the top of the page. We've attempted to disable foreign languages. It's unfortunate because while we'd like to cater to our international customers, translated pages would show up randomly due to our caching system.

Next, we are going to improve our SEO, and then we'll redesign the menu system so it's easier for you to find what you want to place an order. That might take another month or two.

Last week was the first week of college and another employee had a family emergency, so we were temporarily short-staffed. Next month, I will be traveling overseas, partly to work on developing new products for you, our customers! It would be the first time I've been away for more than a week since we started the business more than 5 years ago. I hope things go smoothly around the office and fulfillment!

I know we've had some outages today due to the server transfer. We really appreciate your sticking with us and reporting outages.

We'll take pictures on our trip and post to social media!!

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