Media Hits for AcousticSheep — CES Las Vegas 2014 (Mock-ups)

AcousticSheep continues to garner mass attention from CES Las Vegas 2014!

CES Las Vegas 2014

It's been a few weeks since our astounding representation of SleepPhones and RunPhones at CES Las Vegas 2014, but the media hits keep coming. Some have been harder to uncover because they are popping up from overseas outlets. But below are some links to mock-ups of many of the US Media Hits.  More to come! ...including the international ones, but this gives you just an idea of how much press our company has received. We couldn't feel more honored!

Thank you for everyone, customers and partners alike, who has helped contribute to our growth and success!

US MEDIA HITS (Mock-ups) Page 1

US MEDIA HITS (Mock-ups) Page 2

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