Mario Armstrong features SleepPhones on The Today Show

If you were awake on Sunday morning at 8:40am EST and had your TV tuned to NBC, then chances are you saw Mario Armstrong, Digital Lifestyle Expert, feature SleepPhones on the Today Show.

We are proud and privileged that SleepPhones were chosen as one of "Mario's Top 3."

Mario is no stranger to SleepPhones, in fact we'd call him a friend and a fan, "I travel with these all the time," expressed Armstrong in his segment. "I use this to meditate. I use this to take quick naps. I use it to block out snoring."

Mario first heard about SleepPhones at CES 2013, and it was then in 2013 that Mario featured them on Dr. Oz, The Today Show and on HLN for "Great Gifts for the Tech Savvy Mom."

At this past year's CES 2014, CEO and inventor Wei-Shin Lai, MD had an opportunity to sit down with Armstrong and talk about the product and how it came about.

"The whole idea is that you really can't sleep with a pair of headphones on, so these feel phenomenally comfortable," said Armstrong. This Emmy Award Winning TV Host, has appeared on shows like Katie, The Steve Harvey Show, and Inside Edition and is an on-air contributor for the networks of CNN, NPR, HLN and Fuse, to name just a few.

Next time you find yourself needing a little rest, grab yourSleepPhones and do as Mario does, "I also use them as an eye mask so sometimes I'll put them over my eyes, listen to some nature sounds, meditate for like 10 or 15 minutes and feel like I had 6 hours sleep."

Thanks for the support Mario!

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