Lack Of Sleep Hits Women Harder

Getting a good night sleep is vital for everyone; without enough sleep you run the risk of countless negative effects including an increased threat of heart problems. Now, research suggests that getting enough sleep is even more crucial for women. A study conducted by the University of Warwick Medical Center found that lack of sleep increases the levels of artery-damaging inflammatory markers in women, but there was no such increase in men. These inflammatory markers cause a thickening of the arteries and are a strong indicator of heart disease. This correlates with previously conducted research that shows that individuals who get less than five hours of sleep each night are more at risk of dying from heart disease than those who get a full eight hours. But why are women more at risk? That question has yet to be answered in its entirety, but the researchers involved with the University of Warwick study believe it may have to do with the differences in male and female hormones. Further research also shows that there is a difference in the inflammatory marker levels of pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women, with pre-menopausal women generally suffering a greater increase in the inflammatory marker level when they do not get a good night sleep. Unfortunately, a greater risk of heart disease isn't the only problem women who don't get enough sleep are likely to face. They could be emotionally at risk as well. A University of Pittsburgh study showed that women's emotions are more drastically affected by a lack of sleep. For instance, the study stated that the longer it took a woman to fall asleep and the less sleep she got, the more likely she and her husband were to have arguments the following day. However, if it was the husband who slept poorly there were no noted relationship problems the next day. To ensure that you are keeping both your physical and emotional heart healthy and happy make sure you are taking the proper steps to get adequate, uninterrupted sleep.

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