Garbage Truck Fiasco

Our shipments to our customers are picked up daily by our postal carrier. She saw that there was nothing in the bin yesterday so she doubled checked with us. Good thing she did!

I remembered that our fulfillment manager had put out the shipments. And then I recalled hearing the garbage truck stopping close by, and we don't use their service. But I didn't really think much of it at the time. By the time the mail truck came, the bag was gone! This is not the first time it's happened actually... The shipments were accidentally picked up by the garbage truck! It happened once with another garbage service a few years ago, and we didn't realized until we found out that our customers didn't receive their shipment. We changed our bag to a clear bag and made sure to put the bag in a bin under the mailbox so no one could possibly make that mistake again. Oh well.

We called the garbage service and they tracked down the truck pick up in our area. They were quite helpful and apologetic for picking up the wrong thing. Then we met the truck at the main garbage disposal place. The manager of the solid waste plant was very helpful as well. When the truck driver dumped out the garbage, we realized that it was too far gone to salvage anything from the bag.

It was pretty beat up. But we retrieved it anyway to make sure that we sent out all of the items we had intended to send out. They'll be a day late, but they will be nice and fresh!

Ah, the crazy emergency situations that arise in small business will drive you mad sometimes. I think we're going to spray paint the bin with "U.S. Mail." in multiple places.

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