Dr. Oz Featured SleepPhones - Again!

So around 4pm today, we noticed a lot of new orders coming in. Good thing we finished website updates a few hours earlier. Apparently Dr. Oz must have mentioned SleepPhones again! We didn't even know that they were going to do anything about it. We only found out because someone posted on Facebook about how SleepPhones might help them sleep with a snorer, so I posted a couple of comments, and then she posted about Dr. Oz. I'll have to catch the show tomorrow morning when it re-runs. Maybe this time I'll actually get to watch it and get a clip of it! SleepPhones has been featured on the show 3 times previously, and each time, something happened to where we couldn't record it. If you happen to have any of the previous Dr. Oz episodes mentioning SleepPhones, we'll pay you good money for a digital recording!

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