Dinner Party

Now that we're getting busier, I have to start delegating work! Besides, I'm not very good at many things. I'm okay at many things, which has gotten us by so far. But there comes a point in a business where it needs to start looking more professional.

We've retained a great graphic designer to make the nice brochures that people get now. And we have a packaging expert designing retail packaging. Our friend is our website designer now — she helped put together the RunPhones website and is now tweaking the SleepPhones website. We have another friend doing PR for us now. I run out of things to say on Twitter and Facebook, so while I check them 2-3 times a day, I don't have much to say. He's much better at finding things to say and to spin things in a way to make it funny or more engaging. For example, I would have just said, "someone stole my cousin-in-law's SleepPhones in England." He said, "One wonders how thieves can sleep at night, but this thief likely will sleep fine thanks to illegally-acquired SleepPhones." See, now that's more like it.

All of this to say that with all of the new talent we have, we had to make sure they all meet each other. We held a dinner party last week and took a time-lapse video of the event. 4 hours condensed into 30 seconds.

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