Daylight Savings: Stats on "Spring Ahead" Suffering [Infographic]

  • Transcript: Daylight Savings: Stats on "Spring Ahead" Suffering [Infographic]
  • More Difficult Than Your Average Monday
  • More than half of U.S. adults say they feel the effects of daylight saving time the Monday after resetting their clocks.
  • Workers are less productive without sleep.
  • 74% of workers over 30 who report not getting adequate sleep say sleepiness affects their work.
  • We see an increase in traffic/machine accidents.
  • 4% admit to actually getting into traffic accidents due to lack of sleep.
  • 9% of Americans say they're likely to fall asleep at inappropriate moments, such as when driving or in a meeting.
  • 39% of U.S. adults claim that daylight savings time affects their mood.
  • 4% admit to being much less pleasant to be around.
  • 5% even go as far as saying that the incredible Hulk has nothing on them.

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