Council of 4

In business, it's often said that you need to be a part a 4 person group — people you can trust — to discuss potentially sensitive business matters and bounce ideas. Today, that finally happened for us! I had been advising 2 women (mompreneurs like me) who make and sell products that require sewing. One of them has been advising another young lady in college who I met while giving a presentation for a college entrepreneurship class. She was actually one of the panelists, not one of the students. The 4 of us met at a coffee shop not far from campus and just talked about our current struggles and ideas.

It was a fantastic session, getting me back to some of the perspectives we had when just starting out. In fact, much of it stays the same. Managing e commerce is always a struggle. There's no perfect solution out there. Marketing is still a work in progress for us too. I still can't be complacent just because we have good sales. And online SEO and social media marketing is still a staple part of the business, even though we do have a marketing firm.

There's never enough time in a day to do everything. And while the 3 of us with babies are in love with our babies, we are still goal-driven women who have had success and are working hard (nap time, nights, weekends) to grow our businesses.

Heather House has a business called Panty Piñata which is a bridal shower game where the bride gets a whole bunch of gifts like panties in a really classy wedding dress piñata! The products are lovingly made by hand in the USA and each product shipped gets special attention by the owner herself for decorations!

Nicole Kelner is a Penn State student who just took up sewing recently when she made her line of designer purses with a built-in waterproof see-through smart phone pouch. So you can use your phone for texting, emails, etc. without having to take it out of your purse, especially at the beach. Nicole's anxiously prepping to meet with a buyer at Macy's in a few weeks!

Kerri Smith made a handy maternity pillow that goes around the hips and belly for extra support. That last few weeks of pregnancy when your trying to organize your house to prepare for a baby, cook extra for freezing, last minute baby showers, and going in for check ups at least once a week, all the while sleeping terribly from discomfort... Well, the BellyRest and SleepPhones can solve your pregnancy sleep problems!

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