Affiliates System for SleepPhones

We finally have the affiliate system working. We had to make changes in our website, Drupal installation, DreamHost, Yahoo website, Google Checkout, and probably a few more places so that everything talks to each other correctly. Incremental changes of trial and error got the system to recognize new orders, talk with Google Checkout, and calculate a commission. Whew! But now the problem is that everyone who places an order is automatically given a user name. They can't do much with a user name, but it definitely clogs up our system to keep track of affiliates. So now we need to debug that. Then we'll wipe the slate clean and run one more test. Hopefully we'll have everything ready by Monday night. On Tuesday, I'll send out invitations to people who have asked to be affiliates. Affiliates have been a long time coming, but the end is in sight.

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