AcousticSheep to Release Highly Anticipated New Product ® SleepPhones® Simple

AcousticSheep LLC, makers of the most comfortable headphones for sleep, have scheduled the release of SleepPhones® Simple, their latest, most innovative version of SleepPhones® headphones, for release on August 1, 2014.

SleepPhones® Simple are the same great headphones as all other SleepPhones® products which feature extreme comfort for listening to music in bed or even for use during travel. The difference is in two attributes. The first is that they actually have a built-in, pre-programmed WAV player inside which plays pre-loaded, scientifically-proven music tracks that include binaural beat technology.

The second difference is that they will be a part of the new SheepCloud™ Breeze fabric line. SheepCloud™ Breeze fabric is a cool, soft, lightweight stretchy fabric that's geared toward hot sleepers. The end result of combining this easy-to-use technology with a cooler fabric is deep, luxurious sleep with just the touch of a button.

SleepPhones® Simple were designed more for that section of the AcousticSheep customer base that isn't quite as technologically adept as the younger generation.

"Our customers requested a product that was simple enough even their grandparents could use," said Wei-Shin Lai, MD, CEO/founder of AcousticSheep LLC. "The request made sense because a good portion of the older population has a hard time sleeping due to insomnia or health conditions, but many don't want to mess around with smart phones and other devices."

With SleepPhones® Simple, there's no fussing around with unfamiliar technology or playlists. Sleep sounds are already pre-programmed for maximal effect right out of the box.

SleepPhones® Simple come with a Silicone-Shelled WAV player with a pre-loaded 8GB micro-SD card. The built-in lithium ion battery features 20 hours of playback time and is rechargeable via a micro-USB cable (included with purchase). It will retail at $99.95. These headphones for sleep are available for pre-order now. Other current models are sold at

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