7 Nonsleep Ways to Use SleepPhones®

7 Nonsleep Ways to Use SleepPhones®

With a name like SleepPhones®, it's pretty easy to see that the main purpose of our product is to help you get more and better sleep.

But thousands of people use SleepPhones® to do more than just fall asleep. Here are the most common nonsleep reasons why people love SleepPhones®.

  • To meditate. Those who regularly get their ommm on love not having cords or bulky headphones distracting them during their practice.
  • To pass the time while doing chores. Whether you're washing dishes, dusting, or picking up clutter, SleepPhones® help make any chore more bearable.
  • To study. Catching up on lectures and audio books is so much better when you have super comfortable headphones.
  • To exercise. Cords get the the way when you're trying to get fit— but that's not a problem when you have SleepPhones®. (If you plan on breaking a sweat, you might consider moisture-wicking RunPhones®.)
  • To make travel easier. Frequent travelers know that SleepPhones® are just what you want to curl up during a long voyage.
  • To enjoy ASMR. An exact ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) definition is difficult, but it involves soothing sensations triggered by equally soothing stimuli. People who love ASMR love SleepPhones® for their comfort and great sound quality.
  • To lucid dream. Lucid dreamers use SleepPhones® to listen to tracks that help them control their dreams.

These are just a few of the non sleep ways people use SleepPhones®. Do you have another one? If so, let us know!

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