How to Master Mindfulness Through Meditation

three people practicing mindfulness with sleepphones headphones

What do you picture when you think of meditation? More than likely, it's something like Julia Roberts in the 2010 film Eat Pray Love. The longest minute of her life ticks by as she sits cross legged in the ashram, desperately attempting to clear her mind. If, like her, your attempts at meditation end in a bodily collapse of desperation, then here's where you can learn how to do it right.

Meditation can take many forms. It can be a general mindfulness about yourself and the world around you, or it can be a deeply spiritual practice that connects you to the greater cosmos. Either way, meditation can happen just about anywhere—it doesn't always require crossed legs, a trip around the world, or even some Om.

If you think about meditation as quieting your mind, you're already starting on the wrong foot. When we try to suppress our thoughts, we only discover that they come back with a vengeance. Instead, think about mediation as bringing and sustaining conscious awareness to a particular word, phrase, thought or image. And if your thoughts do stray, remember not to fight them. Gently guide them back to where they should be.

To get on track, listen to Kelly Howell's Guided Meditation. An internationally renowned meditation expert, Kelly Howell created this program to target your brain's theta rhythms, where your deepest intuitions, memories, and knowledge are stored. Enjoy as her gentle voice guides you on this hour-long journey to a state of utmost clarity. When you're ready to meditate on your own, just turn the CD over for pure binaural beat technology. You'll be thankful to have had Kelly's guidance as you start your own quest towards spiritual, psychological wellness.

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