Snooze Away to a Happier, Healthier You

Snooze Away to a Happier, Healthier You

Most of us have noticed that, after a sleepless night, we become irritable, moody, and more susceptible to anxiety. The connection between sleep and mood is an obvious one. Although the exact amount of sleep needed varies by individual, most doctors will agree that any less than 6 hours of sleep could negatively impact your quality of life. Regular bouts of insomnia can make you feel stressed out, angry, sad, and mentally exhausted.

On the flip side, healthy sleeping habits (sleeping between 7 to 8 hours nightly) can dramatically improve your mood in so many ways:

  • Patience.

    Well-rested individuals are less impulsive in their reactions to life's challenges.

  • Happiness.

    Chronic insomniacs are more prone to depression.  As a result, well-rested individuals wake up feeling refreshed, strong, and empowered.

  • Beauty. 

    Sleep's restorative powers also give the face a refreshed look and glow.  When you look better, you feel better.

  • More energy to exercise.

    Sleep won't give us the perfect body!However, sleep deprived people are more likely to snuggle up with an espresso instead of going for an early morning jog. A good night sleep gives you the energy to move your body— and with exercise comes endorphins!

  • Healing.

    Sleep provides the body the opportunity to restore, cleanse, and rejuvenate itself on a deep cellular level. So while you may be asleep, your body's immune system is in prime work mode fighting off infections. You can't be happy and healthy if you are always sick.

  • Improved thinking.

    Sleep has been linked to improved mental alertness, clarity, creativity, and memory.  At night, your brain consolidates and organization information, solves problems, and even stores memories.  Without sleep, simple processing in the brain can slow down, thereby causing a good deal of stress and frustration in life.

    Don't think of sleep as a wasteful time to "shut down." Rather, it's your opportunity to gear up for a longer, happier and healthier life.

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Happy snoozing!

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