Sales Continue to Double

Update from the CEO June 10, 2013

We have sold more than 120,000 SleepPhones! As I work at my home office on a rainy Monday, the excitement about this upcoming holiday season is buzzing! Many of our employees work from home, so we communicate via instant messaging, Skype, and email throughout the day. Accounting reported on Q1 figures with sales up by 240%, sales is talking with a bunch of major retailers, and marketing reports features on syndicated radio (Mixx 97.7) and news (AP - Cyber Corner reporter). Here is the sales chart. I'm plotting our growth and expansion, taking our business to the next level.

Last week, a bunch of customers wrote in thanking us for SleepPhones. See below. This is why we are in business. We want to help our customers with a fantastically useful product that dramatically improves their lives. Sometimes we feel like we are swimming upstream when the retailers resist carrying our line, but then we are reminded every day by happy customers. We are hoping to provide better service to everyone out there by making it easier to buy or products at a retailer close by. Right now, we are happy to announce that you can find SleepPhones at Brookstone stores around the country!

  • "These are so great and soft. I was poking my ears terribly with ear-bids... A million thanks."

    - Joanee C. wrote in by email 6/4
  • "Bought 3 pair one for all members of my family to sleep by."

    - Kim B. wrote in by email 6/3
  • "Love Love Love my SleepPhones!!!! I gave a set to my daughter who travels a lot. They're so much easier than regular headphones to tuck into bag and be ready to relax on the plane... or anytime. Thanks for this great product!!!"

    - Lisa M. posted on Facebook 6/5
  • "I would like to thank you for your amazing product. I brought your sleep phones for my husband who has a pituitary tumour which has caused a rare disease called Cushings Disease. Due to complications he has had to have a major operation to remove his Adrenal Glands off the top of his Kidneys which took over 8 hours. His uses the sleep phones in the ward to help sleep and remove ward noises. A big thank you for your product."

  • Corinne B messaged us on Facebook 6/4 - "We love your products. My husband used SleepPhones throughout his 10 month tour of Afghanistan to help him sleep... apparently it was really helpful when the medevac choppers were taking off and landing right next to his bunkspace all night, and really helped keep him calm.

  • "I use the RunPhones to do my PT on military base (but around my neck), so that I can train to music while still hearing (and getting out of the way of) armoured vehicles and heavy trucks... The other thing that he found really useful about the SleepPhones (he had them in black) was that he could use them as an eyemask as well - so whether it was sitting in a Royal Air Force terminal in Kandahar waiting for a flight, or sitting in the back of a military plane, he could shut out the world and sleep - a pretty rare commodity."

    - Kristie H. from Australia 6/3
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