Use of Technology in Business

Our beautiful styrofoam head models the new Blue SleepPhones.

I took some macro pictures of the new SleepPhones™ design in a homemade light box with my Canon® digital camera and digitally modified them with Photoshop® on my Windows 98® Dell® machine. Then I made a brochure of how the speakers are inserted using Word® on my MacBook®. Now that I'm finally done with all of that, I can print them out on our HP® laser color double-sided printer. During all of that, I listened to Pandora® online radio set to my own Ethereal Beats station. Now, I am using my Google™ Blogger™ account to update this blog.

As you can see, it is imperative to be technologically-savvy in a wide variety of devices and software in order to expedite the business process. It is actually not difficult to learn these technologies, but fear or laziness impedes many people from just doing it. I believe an entrepreneur needs not be afraid of learning and trying. Failure is just the pessimistic word for a learning experience. Some people ask how I learned to run a business. It's not like anyone taught me every step of the way. While I've sought out advice from mentors and advisers, I've actually learned much more by discovering things for myself, using as much common sense as possible, the internet, and books.

Here is the brochure processed through Gimp.

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