Twitter Giveaway, Magpie, and RevTwt

We set up a Twitter Giveaway in August to draw more attention to us. It has worked out okay from a business point of view. We have 497 Twitter followers right now, most of whom are people who participate in many giveaways to win prizes. We do have many followers who actually are interested in SleepPhones. Some of those people have bought SleepPhones. Since Twitter is a free service, only requiring my time to update, this social media outlet has been a fine marketing strategy after all for giveaways.

But I would really like to make it more valuable. We tried Magpie previously. It's a service that a person could sign up for to make money with their twitter account. Whenever they tweet about a particular topic that an advertiser has signed up for, the service will tweet through their account an ad that pertains to the previous tweet. It was expensive and really didn't bring much traffic at all. And I'm sure at this point, people have figured out how to exploit any loopholes to make the service less valuable for advertisers.

I've just signed up for RevTwt, another Twitter service that is supposed to help bring traffic. I'm going to do a pay-per-click ad. The only gripe I have with it so far is that the money paid in doesn't immediately go into the account. I guess it has to be first moderated by someone. And the ads are also moderated, so I have to wait on that too. We'll see what happens!

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