SleepPhones in Yahoo Store!

SleepPhones Sleep Earphones Yahoo Store

We have a Yahoo Store for SleepPhones now! We're trying out this marketing method by creating another website. Perhaps by increasing internet presence and cross-referring to our various accounts, we'll increase our back links and strengthen our grip on our main keywords: sleep headphones and headphones for sleeping. We're also hoping that by paying Yahoo for this account, they will crawl our site a bit more often and rank it higher. So far, it hasn't seemed to happen.

We decided to try it because there's a good deal for 3 months of the Yahoo! store with no setup fees.

We do have the best and only headphones for sleeping on the market today. But we are competing with big names in audio for the attention of search engines. We have to try every inexpensive resource. Amazon has worked out well for us. Hopefully Yahoo! will pan out too for optimizing headphones for sleeping.

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