SleepPhones® in Tanzania

SleepPhones in Tanzania

Wow! We have a SleepPhones order from Tanzania! We've had some orders previously from South Africa, but this is the first order from another country in Africa. We have a particular affinity to Tanzania because they produce Tanzanite, which is a lavender-colored precious stone. I have a few Tanzanite items of jewelry, including my engagement ring. And we like just about anything lavender. I didn't use to own any lavender clothing until we started SleepPhones. Since then, I've had a good excuse to buy lavender outfits — for work, of course. This person ordered a lavender sachet. I wonder if Tanzania's port is as strict as Australia is with dried plant materials. We can't ship lavender sachets to Australia because they would just cause the box to be opened and the sachet removed.

Anyways, Tanzania's a really cool country. It's home to the tallest mountain in the Africa: Mt. Kilimanjaro, the origin of the Nile River. It borders Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa, and Lake Tanganyika, the deepest lake in Africa. It contains much of the Serengeti plain, where many Discovery Channel and National Geographic people spend their time capturing images of the wildebeest. Dr. Jane Goodall spent her days watching chimpanzees there. It's the idyllic African Safari location.

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