Random Student at Barnes and Noble

Baking Fool Cupcakes

Last night we had about an hour to kill before our dinner plans with friends, so we stopped by Barnes and Noble. Jason's a bibliophile. We have a library with 10 tall bookshelves and no cable TV in the house.

Anyway, we saw a friend (the best cupcaker maker ever - her snickerdoodle cupcake was spotted at the entrepreneurial women's expo) who was knitting at a table there. We have a whole group of cult-ish friends who meet every Monday night at Barnes and Noble to sit around and knit. They even have a name badge and T-shirts for the club. They are called the Knit Pistols. They nearly swept the County Fair's knitting contest this past year, having entered for the first time.

My form of knitting is quality control on this latest batch of SleepPhones. I put on the Velcro cord wrap, check the speaker placement, and make sure everything works just right. I happened to have my bag of SleepPhones with me because I work on this in the car when Jason's driving. So while the Knit Pistol Baking Fool Hannah worked on her flip-top mittens, I worked on my SleepPhones. Surprisingly, Hannah had not heard of our company. So I started telling her about how I couldn't sleep being on call and how I needed sleep headphones. She is so excited about our product that she's going to blog about us now!

Meanwhile, a random student was sitting around, waiting for a friend. She turned around and said, "Wait, what? Headphones for sleeping? I totally could have used them last night." So we got to talking. I showed both Hannah and this student all about SleepPhones and how they are the coolest things ever. I gave the student my card, and she said she was going to tell all of her friends about them. (I've learned by now to always have my card everywhere I go.) Yes!

That was a very productive hour of random marketing at Barnes and Noble.

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