RANA-Medical: Our First Distributor in Canada!

RANA-Medical is a sleep apnea clinic service in Canada. They will be selling SleepPhones alongside sleep apnea equipment! I guess when the sleep apnea person wears all sorts of noisy contraptions, it's nice for the bed partner to have something else to listen to. Here's a funny testimonial from one of our customers. Both husband and wife wear SleepPhones to sleep because they both snore. "I must admit I was skeptical when my wife ordered your sleep phones. But we were desperate to find a solution for her not sleeping do to my loud snoring. I do not have apnea, I just snore loud so doctors do not want to prescribe a cpap machine and frankly, I don't want one. But, back to my point... My wife couldn't sleep and tried several products, ear plugs, white noise generators, etc etc. A friend of ours found your product on google and we ordered one set. The first night was great! My wife slept all night long. The problem came the second night and beyond. My wife began sleeping so well that SHE started snoring. Payback I guess. Well, After a few nights of this, I order your sleepphones for me. Last night was my first night with them and I slept like a baby.

Thanks for a great product.

I look forward to many peaceful nights"

— F. Fields, Lawrenceburg, KY

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