Pretty New Websites by Yahoo and Google Sites

Headphones for Sleep

We have more homes on the web for SleepPhones.

This website is designed through Yahoo Sites. Their content management system makes it easy to design pretty simple websites. There is no HTML edit option, so the variations in design are very limited. The payment system is through PayPal and is easy to setup. Again, because it's so simplified, there are no detailed options. Check it out at

Google Site for SleepPhones

Here is the Google Sites webpage. At the minimum we have to hold down the name SleepPhones in all of the major internet locations. It's like trying to get a street corner with parking for a retail store or putting up a big sign. Google Site for SleepPhones

We made these website in order to have yet another way people can find us on the web, emphasizing a slightly different set of keywords.

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