Packing Station Organized

Yesterday was a busy SleepPhones day. Jason worked on starting some ad campaigns on Bidvertiser and AdBrite. We found that we were good on Google but not so highly ranked in Yahoo, Bing, or Ask. So we have to ramp up our rankings on those engines.

Packing SleepPhones Sleep Earphones

Due to the more complex nature of our sales now, with multiple options on an item, we have to pack each individually and very carefully. It's taking us hours to fulfill orders each night. So I decided to rearrange our packing system. Everything we need is now in one central location and the computer is right there to check orders and listen to Pandora at the same time. I suppose sometimes I might listen to Grammar Girl Podcasts, lectures about business, and world news channels. I'm happy that it's finally all organized in one place. The various components of the packing used to take up the whole house. Here's a picture of Jason looking through the reorganization. We're going to take a break today and go practice archery.

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