A Look at Food Allergies: Frequently Asked Questions (Part 4/4)


  • Celiac Disease / Gluten sensitivity

    Anywhere from 1-5% of white people may have a problem with gluten sensitivity. The symptoms of gluten sensitivity vary widely and is a very complex topic that is being recognized much more often now. Gluten sensitivity is not a wheat allergy. A wheat allergy manifests differently, and you can even have both a wheat allergy and a gluten sensitivity.

  • Lactose Intolerance

    Many adults, especially black and Asian people are unable to tolerate a lot of milk products as adults. If they drink milk, they tend to have gas, bloating, cramps, and diarrhea. This is due to a lack of the lactase enzyme in their intestine which properly digests the lactose in milk. There is a temporary fix for this problem. Lactaid, which is a milk that has predigested lactose is one solution. But if someone really wants to eat ice cream or drink regular milk, Lactaid makes a pill that contains the lactase enzyme that can help for the one meal.

  • Egg allergy and the flu vaccine

    Most cases of egg allergies are mild. Unless there is a history of severe allergies, the flu vaccine is still recommended for people with egg allergies. I will most definitely be giving my own son the flu vaccine this season despite knowing that he's allergic to eggs, since his allergy is limited to some mild eczema.

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