SleepPhones Lavender Sachets

We are going to bring more high quality, all natural lavender accessories to the SleepPhones website. We in the process of working with a local vendor to provide these products. The vendor is a one-woman shop. She has similar beliefs as I regarding skin and hair care products.

I believe that anything applied to the skin and hair should be at least somewhat edible. That is, if I can eat olive oil, coconut oil, and lavender tea without getting sick, then I can apply it to my skin. If I don't eat petroleum, I won't apply petrolatum to my lips or skin. If I don't eat artificial (lab chemical) fragrances, FD&C Yellow No. 5 , or titanium dioxide, then I won't put it on my skin. Lye (originally from wood ash) is needed to render oils into soap and is the classic method of making soap. The soap we sell will be a lye-rendered vegetable-based soap that won't kill your child if accidentally eaten.

The skin is our body's biggest organ and it is very much in constant contact with our environment. It absorbs and takes in as much as it puts out. Shining sunlight on it helps our bodies create useful vitamin D. Rubbing poison ivy on it will cause an itchy rash for many people. Putting medicine on a patch of dry eczema can heal it. The skin has pores that secrete oils and salty sweat. It releases water as a by-product of metabolism. The skin regulates our body temperature by opening and closing pores, controlling blood flow, and sweating. It is not just a piece of dead leather to be scrubbed for cleaning and crudely oiled and painted.

There are many lines of products available claiming to be all natural. I think that it's a step in the right direction. But ideally, products applied to the skin should be of the same quality as what we eat because they are absorbed just the same.

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