Google Search

It's always scary for the entrepreneur when the bulk of customers are from one source. If the source goes away, it could spell disaster. In our case, most of our customers find our product from a Google Search. I don't think Google will go away, but our ranking on Google is never a guarantee. We constantly monitor searches on SleepPhones and the listing for our main keywords: sleep headphones, headphones for sleeping. We've optimized those terms as much as possible in our website so we do show up highly in those searches. That's an achievement not to be taken lightly nor messed with frequently. We'll probably upgrade our website to Drupal 6.0 after the holiday season. Making changes right now that might change our ranking is just too risky, since our December sales are typically double a normal month and help boost our sales for the following year. We're working on bettering our search results in Yahoo, Bing, and Ask now.

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