Fighting the fatigue battle

mother managing fatigue while balancing parenting and work

In our overworked, overstressed world, many people struggle with fatigue. Let's face it. We are a sleep-deprived nation of people who just don't have enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished.

The effects of fatigue can impact many facets of your life. Emotionally, you watch your mood spiral downward. Psychologically, you may feel anxious or depressed. And physically, the exhaustion impacts your overall health and day-time productivity.

Here are some quick easy tips to fight fatigue— whether it be acute (short-term) or a chronic condition. For immediate relief, consider these helpful tips:

Overcoming fatigue is an ongoing battle for millions of Americans. The cornerstone of this problem begins and ends with good sleep habits. Obtaining restful sleep is so critical to achieving a happy balance in our lives, so don't be afraid to try different "sleep" solutions. Just continue to experiment with variations of these tips to see what works best for you.

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