Famous? Maybe one day we'll be as popular as Grasshopper.com

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So last week, Grasshopper.com's Ambassador of Buzz contacted me because of my previous post on how cool their new phone system was and how it helps improve our customer service. Apparently they can help promote our business too! I know they are pretty darn popular with all of the big names mentioned on their website. I think our most famous contacts would be Grammar Girl and Steven Gurgevich who works with Andrew Weil (one of my idols). We were just lucky to be mentioned in CNN Money and Health magazine. If Grasshopper can help promote our business, it could do wonders! I didn't think anybody read this blog, but even if it's only Google Alerts reading it, I guess that's good enough!

In order for Grasshopper to promote us, we have to give them some material to work with. Here's what I typed up for them. It's the same basic story, just condensed, since I like to write in tangents.

I had trouble getting back to sleep after the emergency room called. With my sleep being frequently disturbed, I needed something that could help me fall asleep quickly. I am a family doctor who finally realized how important sleep is after being sleep deprived for many years in school and in training.

Many people need help either with falling asleep or staying asleep. It could be that they can’t stop an internal voice from worrying or an external noise snoring next to them. Insomnia is a very frustrating experience. One usually gets more and more angry as the night drags on slowly, and that makes sleep even harder. To put a stop to the frustration of not sleeping, it would be nice to listen to something relaxing in bed, in comfort, without disturbing any bed partners. I know it works from personal and patient experiences.

We invented SleepPhones because there were no headphones for sleeping on the market. You can listen to anything with SleepPhones by plugging them into your iPod or any other music player. SleepPhones are the softest, most comfortable headphones for sleeping. The patented design is completely unique. Thin high-quality speakers are hidden and padded within a fleece headband made from recycled plastic bottles. SleepPhones are assembled in the USA and shipped directly from us (the manufacturer) to customers via orders from our website. Visit http://www.SleepPhones.com to check out the ultimate sleep headphones.

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