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We have been very fortunate to have such strong supporters for SleepPhones. There are a number of blogs online that rave about SleepPhones. Most blog entries were completely unsolicited. We just search on the name SleepPhones every now and then and find stuff about us.

Here is an annotated list of some of them.

Sleep Required

— Thanks Dan for a completely unsolicited review about SleepPhones!

Brain Waver

— This was one of the earliest random reviews for us. Thank you so much for your early support!

Art Van Furniture Announces SleepPhones coming soon!

Art Van Furniture will have SleepPhones soon — We work with Sleep to Live, a division of Kingsdown, I think that's where this link came from. That's a nice picture! Cranky Fitness Reviews — She contact us about doing a review and then a giveaway. She's a popular blogger, with high rankings. So we worked with her, and she gave us a very detailed honest and positive review.

Carina Romano Photography — She's our photographer for many of the pictures on the website. She was nice enough to put us on her blog, which is very popular.

Miscellaneous Finds 4 U — She contacted me about doing a giveaway on her blog, and it certainly drew a lot of great attention! Lots on nice comments about the product.

Boing Boing Gadgets — We contacted them to see if they would like to try our product. Well, they just wrote a review and never tried it. So I don't think they can really say anything with any authority since they've never seen just how good SleepPhones are. What they propose doesn't work. SleepPhones work. Hmm... I was going to put a link down, but on second thought, I won't give them that.

Kaboodle — A college student in TX apparently added us on this site. Thanks!

Nerd Like — Someone we don't know named Jazzy gave us a great review. Thanks!

Mind Reality — Someone we don't know had put this great ad up for us. Thanks!

Rachel Rambach, MM, MT-BC, Board-Certified Music Therapist tries SleepPhones

Listen and Learn — I contacted her because her blog was featured by BlogSpot as a great place to get short free music for autistic kids to learn about the world. And I had just received a rave review from a parent of an autistic child. So I asked if she would review a pair for me, and I'm so glad she liked it!

iliketotallyloveit — Another unsolicited great review. Thanks!

Deep Delta — Thanks whoever you are! Nice info on binaural beats and how we can help.

Busika — We're so glad Yellow Start 2000 put us on the list of must-haves for travelers! I found out about it from Google Alerts.

Thifty Boutique — Thank you for this Ad! I think she probably gets a commission from Amazon when someone buys with her link. Well, that's fine by us!

Some bloggers contacted us via email or Twitter to see if we would send them a free pair for a review on their blog. We have taken a few people up on that, but there would be a never-ending free sampling if we were not discriminating about that. In the past, after we did two giveaways, many small-time bloggers (who had just set up a blog to get free stuff) wanted giveaways too from us. We just can't afford that, so I had to turn them down. Now that bloggers are suppose to disclose these deals, I expect we'll see fewer of these propositions. I think it's great advertising for us, but realistically, when the blog is about free stuff and cheap stuff, the people visiting those sites are not ready to put down $50-60 for SleepPhones. We have not seen much sales from blogs, even when we offer a coupon for the blog readers. I think the biggest benefit to advertising on blogs is name recognition, back-links for search engine optimization, keyword associations, and positive reviews for potential customers to read.We really really appreciate all of the bloggers and niche community people who voluntarily advertised for us over the past few years. If you contact us via DM in Twitter (@sleepphones), we'd love to talk to you!

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