Twitter Giveaway, Magpie, and RevTwt

We have now signed up for an email service called AWeber Communications. It is a tool to collect and organize email lists from website visitors. It will send auto-responses when someone signs up. And users can automatically unsubscribe. It was strongly recommended to me by Kerri Smith, a local marketing expert at Nittany Weddings I met at the Entrepreneurial Women's Expo. Constant Contact is another service that many people use, but because of our business model, AWeber was our choice. I've installed the sign up box on 2 pages of our website. Many people arrive on the Free MP3 Download page, where they are encouraged to sign up for a free download. Hopefully that will translate eventually to sales. Most of the people looking for free stuff never end up buying anything right now. They just download the free music and never come back. If they land on the Home page and read far enough down, they are encouraged to sign up for valuable announcements in the future. Hopefully this is be an easy way to recruit new customers who are not immediately ready to buy at this time.

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