ASMR For Sleep: Can Falling Asleep Better Make You Happier?

How to Fall Asleep in a State of Bliss

Photo of woman using thin scalp massager in article about Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) for sleeping

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response — but until you experience it for yourself, the technical definition does not do it justice. ASMR for sleep is a unique and 100% natural method for helping you drift off into what others describe a euphoric state of bliss.

It's possible you've already experienced ASMR involuntarily at some point in your life through hearing certain sounds. It starts with a tingling feeling at the back of your head, which travels down your neck and throughout the body. The result is a full-body calming sensation. That's why ASMR for sleep is a popular trend for battling restless nights, but it can also be used if you just need to de-stress and relax during the day.

The ASMR Phenomemon

Is ASMR for sleep just a trend, or is there more to it than that? Dr. Steven Novella concludes in his neuroscience blog that there is enough anecdotal evidence to support the notion that ASMR is a real phenomenon. However, everyone experiences it differently.

"Another way to address this question is to ask how plausible the phenomenon is... I think it is entirely plausible, or at least this is no obstacle to acceptance of ASMR as real."

That's not to say ASMR doesn't have its skeptics. Let's face it— the idea that listening to a person whispering into a microphone produces a tingling sensation throughout the body does raise a few eyebrows.

There are also skeptics out there who have legitimately tried to experience ASMR to no avail. That's where SleepPhones® come in.

How SleepPhones® Can Help Trigger ASMR for Sleep

As we mentioned before, some people are fortunate enough to experience ASMR involuntarily, or with little-to-no effort. While others try various methods to achieve the same sensations experienced by others, but just can't seem to do it. If you fall into that camp, it certainly doesn't mean you can't experience ASMR, all you need is some assistance.

SleepPhones® are here to help. One of the most effective ways to trigger ASMR for sleep is with audio samples. The problem with using an external audio device for listening to ASMR audio is that the audio channels are not adequately separated.

ASMR audio is a 2-channel experience. Certain sounds are isolated for the left ear, others for the right ear, and others for both ears. If the sounds are not properly isolated that could be why you're not feeling the same sensations experienced by others.

SleepPhones® are like wearing earbuds to bed, only many times more comfortable. You get clear, stereo audio with a separate channel for each ear. This provides the sound isolation you need. The design of SleepPhones® can also help block out excess noise, so your brain can focus on the audio.

Whether you're trying ASMR for sleep for the first time, or have tried it before with no success, we strongly encourage you to do it the right way— with SleepPhones®. Don't just take our word for it, SleepPhones® have been recognized as the best headphones by for ASMR by DiscoverASMR and Buzzfeed. You'll also find many testimonials throughout our site from customers who have been able to experience ASMR thanks to our products.

In addition, millions of YouTube users can't be wrong. A quick search for "ASMR" will return hundreds of sleep-inducing videos, many of which have millions of views. Falling asleep to YouTube videos is not the most ideal solution though, especially if you value your phone's battery life or are in a location with a poor internet connection.

Instead, we recommend downloading the free Silk ASMR app, which gives you immediate access to over 200 relaxing audio tracks created by over 40 artists. When you find the audio tracks that work best for you, you can mix and match to create your perfect ASMR playlist.

Put on your plush SleepPhones®, close your eyes, and let that tingling feeling wash over you as you fall asleep in a pleasurable state of relaxation.

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